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Olympics Beat

 The Olympics Beat: A Spectator’s Memoir of Beijing

The drama, the variety, the spectacle – Shannon can’t get enough of it. She is an American student who has always been fascinated by the Olympic Games; her father has a lifelong love affair with China. They team up for the Beijing games and the adventure of a lifetime. Without the filter of a small screen, Shannon and her father are hypnotized by the passion of a great nation unveiling itself to the world. This mini travel memoir is a picture of a new China and the experiences that would change one American girl’s life forever.

The Olympics Beat is an 88-page e-book available from the following vendors:                Barnes & Noble              

Visit these pages for original photos illustrating each chapter of The Olympics Beat.

Arrival                            Opening

Fencing                          Beijing

Judo                                Food

Gymnastics                   Merchandise

Forbidden                      Wall

Wrestling                      Spectators



“thoroughly enjoyed the physical, emotional and cultural journey of a lifetime this father-daughter duo makes. It’s a great read, one that speaks to that special bond between a father and his daughter, made more so by sharing the Olympics experience together.” – Adventures in Expat Land

“this book allows us a vicarious experience of the craziness and overwhelming hospitality that marked the Beijing Olympics beyond the Birds Nest.” – Reading the World

“It’s been more than 20 years since I visited Beijing, but I felt like I was back there with them, hearing the cheers of the stadium, the beats of the drums, the lights from the opening ceremony. Then there was the food.” – Susan Blumberg-Kason, Book of the Week

“This is a short book, but it packs a lot in. It’s extremely descriptive and the excitement of the Olympics really comes to life… Young describes Beijing in a kind and sensitive way and you get the impression that she’s fallen in love with the place.” – Laura Besley at Living, Loving and Writing

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