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People from around the world filled the square

The Olympic Green… a long park that included the bubbled swimming venue known as the Water Cube

Dad and I wandered closer to the Bird’s Nest stadium…

They stood as still as an army of terracotta soldiers

This minute symmetry hinted at the planning and vision that had gone into the venue.

Up close, the woven pillars of the stadium were thick concrete.

each tier was quickly filling up with frenzied Olympics guests

The flames multiplied, taking the shape of the five Olympic rings.

…becoming a giant scroll formed from parchments of light.

A row of blue-clad figures paraded into the arena carrying tall yellow fans.

Women in wide blue and red skirts twirled around the towers…

Thick red columns rose out of the golden towers

Electric green dancers boiled out of the floor

A great sphere rose from the floor

The crowd cheered for each country…

The United States of America

Yao Ming carried the flag.

A massive Olympics flag entered the stadium

He raised it into the air, and then he rose into the air too.

We walked weak-kneed away from the Bird’s Nest, which was glowing like the aftermath of a bonfire.

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